Tricks & Magic

Tricks & Magic


1. Before you Watch The Video

          What do you know about this topic already?

2. Check Your Vocabulary

Trick Magic Spells
Supernatural Paranormal Illusion
Sorcery Levitation Magician
Wizard Cards Deception

3. Watch the Video

4. What Did You Learn From the Video?

5. Answer the Questions

A. How was this money trick performed?

B. What denominations of money will work with this trick?

C. Were you fooled by the trick?

D. Try doing the trick and showing it to a friend?


6. Insights About Tricks and Magic

A trick is an act or procedure intended to achieve an end by deceptive or fraudulent means.

A trick is a mischievous action or a prank.

A trick is sometimes referred to as a stupid, disgraceful or childish act.

To trick someone is to cheat or deceive them or to practice trickery or deception.

Magic is the art of practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce a supernatural effect or to control events in nature or the exercise of sleight of hand or conjuring, as in making something seem to disapear, for entertainment.


7. Talk with a friend or partner about it.

Discuss a magic trick that you have observed and how you think it was done.

Have you ever tried to perform a magic trick or a card trick. Talk about how it turned out. Did the audience guess how the trick was accomplished?

Discuss your favorite magician and the magic tricks that they have performed.


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