Odd Word Out: Exercise 3

ESLgolc.com Vocabulary Quiz

In each line, choose the word that is different from the others in meaning.

1. defeat abundant overthrow conquer vanquish
2. pardon absolve excuse forgive assemble
3. faithful robust loyal devoted true
4. feeble weak frail faint ruthless
5. still corrupt tranquil serene placid
6. plunder quiver shudder vibrate shake
7. forsake abandon prophesy desert leave
8. clasp dash clutch grasp grip
9. lustrous courageous bold brave daring
10. slothful zealous fervent ardent zestful
11. rare scarce unusual moderate extraordinary
12. detest entice hate loathe abhor
13. sturdy tough hardy stalwart vivid
14. linger revolve rotate spin turn
15. abolish eliminate expel discharge engulf
16. false fake counterfeit genuine bogus
17. voyage riddle journey exursion expedition
18. myth legend tale festive fable
19. jerk yank pull snap tug
20. hamper seize take snatch capture
21. illusion dream derision vision fantasy
22. attempt try endeavor muffle essay
23. strike assault deter punch pound
24. astonished elated shocked amazed flabbergasted

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