Odd Word Out: Exercise 4

Odd Word Out: Exercise 4

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In each line, choose the word that is different from the others in meaning.

1. cover mask facade cavern front
2. filthy stingy dirty grimy unclean
3. hint clue warranty implication suggestion
4. reduce demolish diminish decrease abate
5. educated learned erudite advocated knowledgeable
6. miserable despondent forlorn depressed determined
7. permission commission consent approval clearance
8. pledge prize award trophy medal
9. skinny slim dense slender lean
10. explain clarify illustrate elucidate eradicate
11. expert severe authority specialist ace
12. strict husky stern austere stringent
13. stow stop halt pause stall
14. hurt harm injure wound hasten
15. jeopardy danger peril solace threat
16. crowd mob slob throng flock
17. remove withdraw extract dislodge devout
18. lift absorb elevate raise hoist
19. song tune anthem hymn memento
20. force compel coerce flog bully
21. colossal trivial petty minor slight
22. mend fix refund repair patch up
23. cling foreign alien imported exotic
24. deteriorate worsen decline delete degenerate

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