Mixture page

Make a Healthy Raspberry Smoothie

1. Before You Watch the Video

          Look at the title above

          What do you know about this topic already?

          Have you ever tasted a raspberry smoothie?

2. Check Your Vocabulary

    How many of these words do you know?

    Click on words for pronunciation and definitions:

Blend (ed)
Slice (ing)
Prevent (ing)
Ripe (r)
Vitamin (s)
Nutrient (s)
Mix (ture)
Froth (v)*

*Not a common word.

A mixture is a  combination of two or more ingredients together, as in a blender to make a smoothie.

3. Watch the Video

4. Answer the Questions:

A. How many ingredients do need to make this?
B. What are they? Make a list.
C. What other things do you need?

D. What are flax seeds good for?

Hands and fingernails
Hair and fingernails
Head and skin
Heads and tails?
Hammer and nails?

5. Grammar Points:

The riper the bananas are, the sweeter thry will be
(The riper, the sweeter.)

6. Talk (with a partner) or write about it.:

  • What is your favorite food?
    Why do you like it
  • Tell how to make your favorite disk

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