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Teacher’s name

Names of the students

Proper order of names in English: First (Middle) Last/surname

Informal usage: First name only (Robert, Susan, “Sue,” “Bob”)

Formal usage: Title and last name (Dr. Smith, Professor Rogers, Ms. Hamilton)

Full name usage: Business introductions (I’m Jane Westover. You can call me “Jane.”)

List of common English first names (male)

Adam Alan Andy Austin Ben Brad
Bruce Caleb Carl Chad Colin Cory
Craig David Dean Dennis Don Edward
Eric Ethan Felix Frank Gabriel Gary
Glen Greg Hayden Howard Ian Ivan
Jack Jared Jason Joe John Justin
Keith Karl Kevin Lane Lee Lionel
Luke Matt Mike Nathan Nick Oscar
Otto Patrick Phillip Quentin Raymond Rex
Robert Ron Roy Ryan Samuel Scott
Shawn Simon Steven Terry Timothy Troy
Victor Vincent Wayne William Zack Zane

List of common English first names (female)

Abby Adrianna Alice Ann Angie Barbara
Betty Britney Candice Cassie Christine Cindy
Dawn Debbie Diana Dixie Elaine Ellen
Emily Emma Fawn Freda Gina Gloria
Heather Heidi Holly Ida Ingrid Irene
Jane Janet Janice Jean Jill Joan
Jody Joy Judy Julie Karen Kathy
Kimberly Laura Lena Lisa Lori Maggie
Marla Mary May Michelle Monica Nancy
Naomi Nicole Olga Pamela Patty Paula
Peggy Phyllis Rachel Rebecca Rhonda Ruth
Sabrina Sally Sarah Shelly Sherry Tammy
Tina Tonya Tracy Veronica Vicky Wendy

List of common English surnames

Adams Anderson Baker Beck Benson Black
Brown Campbell Carter Chapman Christiansen Clinton
Collins Davis Evans Flynn Gibson Green
Graham Grant Gray Hall Hansen Hardy
Harrison Henderson Henry Jackson James Jensen
Johnson Jones King Larson Lewis Miller
Morgan Moore Nielsen Murphy Palmer Parker
Pierce Peterson Price Reed Richards Robinson
Rogers Smith Stewart Taylor Thompson Walker
West White Williams Wilson Wood Young

For Conversation practice:

Speaking Situations: Introducing Yourself

Note: It is not necessary for students to have “English names”. However, sometimes

students choose to adopt English names for personal reasons (or simply for class use).

Teachers should make the effort to address students in the way the students prefer,

even if the pronunciation of non-English names is somewhat difficult.