Odd word out 1

Academic Vocabulary Exercise 18

In each line, choose the word that is different from the others in meaning.

1. tidy neat ponder clean orderly
2. manage direct organize control various
3. scheme suitable plan design undertaking
4. primary presume suppose assume believe
5. foolish silly absurd smooth ridiculous
6. uncertain marvelous wonderful amazing great
7. pleasant fragile delicate frail breakable
8. wreck ruin destroy spoil decent
9. disaster catastrophe tragedy doubt calamity
10. prompt immediate punish quick rapid
11. stretch private confidential personal secret
12. proclaim announce declare publish chastise
13. border ignore boundary edge margin
14. bare contrary naked nude undressed
15. rigid puzzle stiff firm unbending
16. fragment splinter piece fearful chip
17. vast huge enormous value immense
18. obtain gain lean acquire procure
19. idle vague ambiguous unclear obscure
20. narrate tell abuse relate describe
21. soggy origin soaked drenched wet
22. supply gentle tender soft mild
23. produce create make charge manufacture
24. modify donate alter transform change

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