Odd word out 2

Odd Word Out: Exercise 2

In each line, choose the word that is different from the others in meaning.

1. detach remove steady unfasten separate
2. obstacle dismiss difficulty hardship dilemma
3. sort kind type class weep
4. still hushed quiet channel silent
5. nature slender slim thin narrow
6. terminate end finish conclude steep
7. horrible docile awful terrible dreadful
8. fertile common usual ordinary customary
9. respect esteem regard confine honor
10. opponent rival adversary enemy slope
11. wages draft salary earnings income
12. awkward trash rubbish junk garbage
13. sensible weary wise prudent sound
14. fraction portion section scent part
15. consume urge persuade exhort coax
16. site location spot damp place
17. blunder mistake vessel oversight error
18. succint bright radiant brilliant gleaming
19. conceal hide smash camouflage disguise
20. omit prefer overlook disregard neglect
21. procedure method approach process benefit
22. hinder precious prevent obstruct halt
23. display show exhibit command demonstrate
24. delete erase eliminate remove refuse

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