Parts of a Car

Parts of a Car

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Parts of a Car (A)

Types of vehicles (A):

Car (automobile)

SUV (sports utility vehicle)

Van / minivan



See also: Transportation.

Exterior (A)

Interior (A)

  • Seat(s) (A)
  • Seat belt (A)
  • Steering wheel (A)
  • Horn (A)
  • Dashboard (A)
  • Speedometer (A)
  • Car stereo (A)
  • Airbag(s) (A)
  • Gear shift (A)
  • Accelerator (A)
  • Brake(s) (A)
  • Head rest (A)
  • Glove box / jockey box (A)
  • Rearview mirror (A)

Engine (A)

For Pictures, see: The Oxford Picture Dictionary, pages 108-109.

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