Simple Prepositions

Simple Prepositions

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Suggested words:

In On At In the house
On the desk
At school
Above Below Above average
Below 100
Over Under Over the fireplace
Under the table
Around Through Around the building
Through the door
Before After Before lunch
After 10:00
To From (Go) to Colorado
(Come) from Arizona
About By A story about dogs
Written by me
With Without She wouldn’t go with us.
So we went without her.
Between Among Just between you and me
There are no secrets among us (three).
Inside Outside Inside the room
Outside the box
In front of Behind In front of the house
Behind the tree
Next to Near Next to the bank
Near the library
On top of Underneath On top of the file cabinet
Underneath the refrigerator


Most prepositions have many meanings and are often used in combination
with other words. This is only a list of the most common prepositions and
their simplest meanings.

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