Academic Vocabulary: Exercise 6 - Vocabulary Quiz

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. eat or use something a. accelerator
2. thick forest, usually in tropical areas b. cite
3. cut into, make carved marks on a surface c. consume
4. field or clearing covered with grasses d. convention
5. handheld electric light e. drapery
6. a large, flat piece of rock f. engrave
7. circular flower decoration g. flashlight
8. give as an example h. grab
9. way of seeing something, point of view i. jungle
10. part of car that controls speed j. markup
11. pick up or take something quickly k. meadow
12. store owner l. perspective
13. walk slowly and leisurely m. ponder
14. proof of payment n. receipt
15. price increase o. retailer
16. person who steals from stores p. salvage
17. to save or "rescue" something from being thrown away q. shoplifter
18. traditional way of doing things r. slab
19. to spend time considering or thinking s. stroll
20. heavy cloth used as curtains t. wreath

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