Word Forms

Word Forms

See also Suffixes.

Common Endings

Verbs Adjectives
-ise advertise -ous humorous
-ize organize -ious hilarious
-ate communicate -al emotional
-ify verify -ial influential
-ic generic
-ive creative
-y thrifty
-ing interesting
-ed embarrassed
Nouns (Person) Nouns (activity, field, characteristic)
-er teacher -tion reaction
-or actor -ation cooperation
-ess actress -ment advertisement
-ist artist -ing accounting
-ast gymnast -ness happiness
-ian electrician -ance maintenance
-ant accountant -ence difference
-ent resident -ity ability
-ee employee -ty specialty
-ic mechanic -ry dentistry
-man fisherman -y assembly
-woman policewoman -ism journalism
-person salesperson -ics linguistics
-eur chauffeur -ure architecture

Examples of Usage

What do you do (for a living)?

I’m a barber.

What type of work do you do?

(I’m in) accounting.

What do you do every day?

I fix cars.

I drive a bus.

What is his/her occupation?

He’s an architect.

What field is he/she in?

She’s in dentistry.

What does he/she do at work?

He types letters.

She programs computers