Thinking Positively About Presentations

Thinking Positively About Presentations - Thinking positively about presentations 

People often become nervous or fearful when giving presentations. Here are some phrases you can keep in mind when preparing for and giving a presentation.

About Yourself

I’m happy to be here.

I’m glad to have this opportunity.


(Turn nervousness into enthusiasm.)

I (really) want to tell you about this.

I have something interesting to tell you.

About Your Audience

This is something I think you should know . . .

This is important (to you) because . . .

You will be interested to know that . . .

You will benefit by knowing this . . .


About Your Subject/Material

The information is as follows:




First, I will tell you about . . .

These are the main points/supporting ideas . . .

The best way to understand this information is . . .

Look at this. It will help you understand my topic . . .

This shows (you) . . .




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