Most Almost


Most can be followed directly by a noun or by the phrase “of the.”
However, it cannot be followed by “of” or “the” alone.

Almost* is usually followed by a number or quantifier (90%, all).
The quantifier can be followed by the phrase “of the,” but not “of” or “the” alone.

XX Most of Koreans live in Asia. (Wrong!)
OK Most Koreans live in Asia. (The majority of the world’s Korean people.)
OK Most of the Koreans in this class are male. (Only those in the class.)
XX Almost Japanese people eat rice. (Wrong!?)
OK Almost all Japanese (people) eat rice.
XX Almost of Japanese students like sushi. (Wrong!)
OK Almost all of the Japanese (in this class) like sushi.

*Almost means “not completely” and can also be used before verbs and adverbs.

He almost finished his homework.
We’re almost there!

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