Every day we hide a secret word somewhere on the ESLgold.com website. If you arethe first persson to find the secret word and submit your winning entry you will win cash prize for the day.
On the first of each month the cash prize starts out with $10.00. If nobody finds the secret word on the first day of the month the cash prize amount increases by $10.00 on the second day. Each day that the secret word has not been found the amount increases by $10.00.
The secret word could be found on any page on the ESLgold.com website. Every day the location of the secret word will change so look carefully to find it.
As you search for the secret for the secret word notice all the amazing resources to help you learn how to speak English.
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This is what you are looking for

Remember that the secret word will change every day. It will appear like this, but the word will be different each day. You will need to enter the secret word for the day to win.

When you find this click on the green WIN! button and enter your winner information and click the [Submit] button to register to win.

We pay through either PayPal or Venmo, based on your preference.

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