Leisure Hobbies

Leisure and Hobbies


1. Before you Watch The Video

          What do you know about this topic already?

2. Check Your Vocabulary

3. Watch the Video

4. What Did You Learn From the Video?

5. Answer the Questions

A. What looked fun to you?

B. What activities have you done that you saw in the video?

C. Do you know how to swim?

D. Do you know how to dance?

E. What water sports do you like?


6. Insights About Leisure and Hobbies

A. To find an enjoyable hobby start with your current interests. Examine what takes up your spare time when you have it. Decide if you would like to expand your current interests. For example, if you like a cold beer on a hot day, perhaps your hobby could be trying to brew beer at home. Turn what you love into a hobby. If you like to swim you might like to try SCUBA diving.

B. Think about what you value most. What traits do you value. Let these qualities or traits guide you when deciding what do do with your free time.

C. Certain hobbies require certain skills. Research classes or groups in your area that focus on sharing skills or providing education that can help you to gain the skills that you will need to enjoy your hobby.

D. Associate with people who are already enjoying the hobby that you would like to participate in. There are meetup groups online that you can join as well.


7. Talk with a friend or partner about it.

What hobbies do you have.

What hobbies do your friends enjoy.

Discuss what you think you would like to do after you retire.

Discuss how you can enjoy your free or leisure time more.

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