The R Sound

The R Sound


Minimal Pairs

ray lay way fire file marrow mellow
reed lead weed steer steel crew clue
rain lain wane tear teal bereave believe
rash lash trier trial berated belated
rind wind pyre pile
rest lest

Challenging Words

rhyme ear wary retrieving
care ire ritual irrelevant
rail wire ogre relentless
rare flare peril rollover
roar hair wristwatch labyrinth
roll arrow infringe occurrence
war really rowing
strip heirloom

In Phrases

rest and relaxation not a care in the world violent behavior
live and let live a calendar girl All’s well that ends well
road rage without rhyme or reason twenty-seventh
get your wires crossed rest assured anniversary
101 West Redwood Road random access Memory liven up
road rally verifiable evidence wide variety


Q. What’s wrong?
A. Nothing. Just rehearsing my lines.
Q. What for? Are you performing in a play?
A. It’s called “The Grapes of Wrath.”
Q. Never heard of it.
A. Really? It’s the most popular play around.
Q. Are you memorizing or just trying to remember?
A. I’m trying to concentrate.
A. Sorry.

Oral Reading

Dear Laura:
You’re probably wondering why I’m writing this letter so hurriedly. My trip to Europe has been a real treasure. Yesterday, I boarded a train for the southern area of Germany. Ever since we crossed the Rhine River, it’s been a series of rolling hills and breath-taking views. The Bavarian Forest is right out of a fairy tale. Tomorrow we head for Switzerland. Can’t wait for the roller coaster journey across the Alps. Well, I’d better get this card in the mail. See you in Ireland!
Sincerely yours,

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