The V sound

The V sound

Pronunciation: The “v” Sound

Minimal Pairs

best vest west ribber river jive jibe
bee v wee ribbon riven strove strobe
buy vie y beliefs believes grieve grebe
bale veil wail infest invest live life
bat vat fat safer savor relieve relief
vine wine fine rifle rival

Challenging Words

vast live vivid vegetable
vice vile savvy visionary
void rave harvest vacancy
five thrive lover convenience
grove strive louver vehicle
glove very every vivacious
live thrive vinyl evasion
vile strive convey invalid
rave very virile vestige

In Phrases

moving violation get even violent behavior
It’s better to give than receive virtue and vice twenty-seventh
vanity fair every once in a while anniversary
veteran’s bureau liven up wide variety
invasion of privacy invaluable advice verifiable evidence


A: How did you avoid a parking violation?
B: Easy. I parked my vehicle in a vacant lot.
A: Don’t they ever check there?
B: Never. Not even in the most severe crackdowns.
A: You’re lucky. I’ve been cited five times.
B: Take my advice. Get a validated parking sticker.

Oral Reading

Lovers Never Leave Virginia

Victor and Vivian were lovers. When they were seventeen, they moved to Virginia, where they lived for many years. They loved movies, especially very romantic ones. Every Valentine’s Day, the lovers visited the theater in Belleville, where they viewed several versions or Romeo and Juliet, the famous love story. After the movies were over, they started planning their vacation. They planned to visit Vienna or Venice in Europe or Vietnam in Asia, but they never did. Their lives were too busy with their vocations and various trivial things that they couldn’t leave Virginia.

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