Utah Pioneers

Utah Pioneers


Short excerpt from America’s Library article:

Utah Pioneers

It’s been called the largest human migration in American history. Do you know what that refers to?

I. Vocabulary words from this article:











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II. Pre-Reading Questions

What was it like to travel before trains, cars, and airplanes?

Would you be willing to travel 1,300 miles on foot?

What would cause people to make such a journey?

III. Reading Time

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Utah Pioneers
from America’s Library (www.americaslibrary.gov)

When you have finished reading, return to this page and answer the questions below.

IV. Post-Reading Questions

True or False?

1. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are known as Mormons

2. In 1869, 70,000 people traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah.

3. Six thousand people died while making the journey.

4. A total of 149 people arrived in Brigham Young’s group.

5. The Mormons left the eastern United States because

a. they wanted to leave their own community

b. they wanted to follow 70,000 people

c. they wanted to get away from persecution

d. they wanted their own western band

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