The L Sound

The L Sound


Pronunciation: The “L” Sound
Minimal Pairs

lay ray nay blue brew peel peer
low row no fly fry fall far
lice rice nice flight fright file fire
lake rake play pray trial trier
link rink clock crock little litter
laughed raft glue grew paddle padder
liver river glaze graze isle ire

Challenging Words

lift bottle frugal Lazarus
left ladel worldly nevertheless
lily cradle walrus algorithm
flu legal flailing illegal
blitz leather lavender illustrious
plight leaflet alignment removable
grail Luther terminal religion
mellow listless reasonable aluminum
rally restless salamander flawlessly

In Phrases

leave it alone lay it on the line All’s fair in love and war
live and let live a calendar girl All’s well that ends well
little by little left in the lurch He who laughs lasts
last but not least a naval blockade All the world’s a stage
location, location, location a little later Arsenic and Old Lace


Q. Did you leave the lights on last night?
A. No. Don’t look at me like that.
Q. But you’re always leaving them on.
A. Believe me. I’m not the guilty one.
Q. Well, when did you close the blinds?
A. About eleven or twelve.
Q. Were they wtill on then?
A. Let’s talk about something else?

Oral Reading

Right after I left the library last night, it started raining. I tried to hail a taxi, but it was useless. They were all filled with last-minute shoppers laden with Valentine’s Day gifts for their loved ones. It was really a hassle holding an umbrella in one hand and an armload of books in the other. After a while, a nice little old lady rolled down her car window and offered me a ride. Getting in the vehicle, I slipped and fell into a mud puddle, spilling my books all over the road. What a relief it was to finally get home, plop down on the sofa, and relax.

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