The Word is:”after”


preposition the time following (an event or another period of time).
“shortly after their marriage they moved to Colorado”
synonyms: following, subsequent to, succeeding, at the close/end of, in the wake of, later than; rareposterior to
“he made a speech on stage after the performance”
“she went out, shutting the door after her”
synonyms: behind, following, in the rear of
“Guy shut the door after them”

conjunction & adverb

1.during the period of time following (an event).
“bath-time ended in a flood after the taps were left running”
synonyms: later, following, afterwards, after this/that, subsequently; More


1.archaic later.
“he was sorry in after years”
2.nearer the stern of a ship.
“the after cabin”

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Practice videos

Hi Lily! I’m just calling to remind you about Leo surprise party. Thursday night o’clock. Okay? Well, it will be after his interview so he should be relaxed.

That there is no other solution! You won’t go away ! I will! No, you won’t! You’re just saying you will, but then, after I don’t kill you, you’ll show up again.

After graduation, he took a job as a reporter for a Helena newspaper… and moved to that town… his connection with the family growing as slight as my own.

After a few shots of this vile whiskey brewed by Black Jack himself… Neal began to hold forth. He’d chosen Montana subjects to spin his lies about shooting, hiking, trapping. Probably to impress the only other client at the bar.