The Word is:”any”


determiner & pronoun
determiner: any;  pronoun: any

1.used to refer to one or some of a thing or number of things, no matter how much or how many.
“I don’t have any choice”
synonyms: some, a piece of, a part of, a bit of
“is there any ginger cake left?”
“the city council ceased payments to any but the aged”
synonyms: anyone, anybody
“they ceased payments to any but the aged”
whichever of a specified class might be chosen.
“these constellations are visible at any hour of the night”
synonyms: whichever, whichever comes to hand, no matter which, never mind which; informalany old
“any job will do, to begin with”

adverb: any all; in some degree (used for emphasis).
“he wasn’t any good at basketball”
synonyms: at all, in the least, to any extent, to some extent, somewhat, in any degree, to some degree
“is your father any better?”
at all (used alone, not qualifying another word).
“I didn’t hurt you any”

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