The Word is:”eye”


noun: eye; plural noun: eyes
1.each of a pair of globular organs of sight in the head of humans and vertebrate animals.

“my cat is blind in one eye”
synonyms: organ of sight, eyeball; More

  • the visual or light-detecting organ of many invertebrate animals that corresponds to the eye of humans and vertebrate animals.
  • tthe region of the face surrounding the eyes.
    “her eyes were swollen with crying”
  • used to refer to someone’s power of vision and in descriptions of the direction of someone’s gaze.
    “his sharp eyes had missed nothing”
    synonyms: eyesight, vision, sight, power of sight, faculty of sight, ability to see, power of seeing, powers of observation, observation, perception, visual perception More
  • used to refer to someone’s opinion or attitude towards something.
    “in the eyes of his younger colleagues, Mr Arnett was an eccentric”
    synonyms: opinion, thinking, way of thinking, mind, view, viewpoint, point of view, attitude,

    stance, stand, standpoint, position, perspective, belief, contention, conviction, judgement, assessment, analysis, evaluation, gauging, rating, appraisal, estimation, estimate
    “to desert was despicable in their eyes”
  • 2.the small hole in a needle through which the thread is passed.

    “strands of glass tiny enough to pass through the eye of a needle”

    hole, opening, aperture, eyelet, gap, slit, slot, crevice, chink, crack, perforation, interstice
    “the eye of a needle”
  • a small metal loop into which a hook is fitted as a fastener on a garment.

    a loop at the end of a rope, especially one at the top end of a shroud or stay.


    the source of a spring or river.

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