The Word is:”hand”




noun: hand; plural noun: hands
1.the end part of a person’s arm beyond the wrist, including the palm, fingers, and thumb.

“the palm of her hand”
synonyms: fist, palm; More
antonyms: foot

  • a prehensile organ resembling the hand and forming the end part of a limb of various mammals, such as that on all four limbs of a monkey.
    a person’s arm, including the hand.
    “that dog bite me on mi hand, right below the elbow”
  • operated by or held in the hand.
    modifier noun: hand
    “hand luggage”
  • done or made manually rather than by machine.
    “hand signals”
  • informal
    a round of applause.
    “his fans gave him a big hand”
    synonyms: round of applause, clap, handclap, ovation, standing ovation; More
    antonyms: booing, catcalls
  • a person’s handwriting.
    “he inscribed the statement in a bold hand”
    synonyms: handwriting, writing, script, longhand, letters, pen; More
  • dated
    a pledge of marriage by a woman.
    “he wrote to request the hand of her daughter in marriage”
  • 2.so7.mething7 resembling a hand in form, in particular:

  • a bunch of bananas.

    “mottled hands of bananas”

    a forehock of pork.
  • 3.a pointer on a clock or watch indicating the passing of units of time.

    “the second hand”
    synonyms: pointer, indicator, needle, arrow, marker, index
    “the clock’s second hand”


    verb: hand; 3rd person present: hands; past tense: handed; past participle: handed; gerund or present participle: handing

    1.pick (something) up and give it to (someone).
    “he handed each man a glass”
    synonyms: pass, give, reach, let someone have, throw, toss; More
    antonyms: take away from
    make (abusive, untrue, or otherwise objectionable remarks) to (someone).
    “all the yarns she’d been handing me”

    2.hold the hand of (someone) in order to guide them in a specified direction.
    “he handed them into the carriage”
    synonyms: assist, help, aid, give someone a hand, give someone a helping hand, give someone assistance; More

    take in or furl (a sail).
    “hand in the main!”

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