The Word is:”like”

like 1



1.having the same characteristics or qualities as; similar to.
“he used to have a car like mine”
synonyms: similar to, the same as, identical to
“you’re just like a teacher”
2.used to draw attention to the nature of an action or event.
“I apologize for coming over unannounced like this”

conjunction informal the same way that; as.
“people who change countries like they change clothes” though; as if.
“I felt like I’d been kicked by a camel”


1.used with reference to a person or thing of the same kind as another.
“the quotations could be arranged to put like with like”


1.(of a person or thing) having similar qualities or characteristics to another person or thing.
“I responded in like manner”
synonyms: similar, much the same, more or less the same, not unlike, comparable, corresponding, correspondent, resembling, alike, approximating, analogous, parallel, equivalent, cognate, related, of a kind, akin, kindred; More


used in speech as a meaningless filler or to signify the speaker’s uncertainty about an expression just used.
“there was this funny smell—sort of dusty like”
used to convey a person’s reported attitude or feelings in the form of direct speech (whether or not representing an actual quotation).
“so she comes into the room and she’s like ‘Where is everybody?’”

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