Now You Talking

Now You’re Talking!



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Andrew Finch, Hyun Tae-duck

Hakmun Publishing




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This book helps students to develop necessary “real-life” functional skills by promoting communication and interaction in the classroom through: i) developing oral skills; ii) effectively taking on (and using) new language; and iii) reviewing what has already been learned.Every “speaking” situation in life is a communication problem, in which “meaning” needs to be transferred and information or opinions must be communicated. “Now You’re Talking!” helps students to experience and solve these problems using authentic materials in real-life settings, evaluating their success by the level of communication achieved.

Each Chapter of “Now You’re Talking” takes a situation in which communication occurs in real-life, and presents a number of activities which use that situation. Some activities are designed around lexis (vocabulary), some around fluency, some suggest relevant language, and others just look at the situation itself, with no linguistic emphasis. The text speaks directly to the students, and uses language appropriate to their level, reflecting an “interactive”, student-centered approach. Instructions (e.g. on how to perform an activity) are tasks in themselves (comprehension tests), and indicate learning levels and needs. Students who perform tasks without asking for help will not only demonstrate comprehension, but also enable the teacher to assist others who need immediate help and counseling.