Touchy situations



Touchy Situations

A Conversation Text for ESL Students



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Glen Alan Penrod

Dymon Publications





Your friend has bad breath (but doesn’t know it); you are married but would rather be single; Johnny is caught playing with matches; you are a perfectionist and your roommate is a slob. Yikes! What do you do? This situation-based conversation text provides challenging–sometimes touchy–topics in an effort to help students bridge the gap between controlled and free expression. Incorporating four main lesson formats (information gap activities, small group discussion, face-to-face role plays, and discussion and presentation), each of the 20 lessons takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. The lessons open with a warm-up activity then move into a preview of grammatical structures and vocabulary, conversation strategies, the “situation,” problem-solving simulations, and a follow-up section enabling students to extend their discussions to related topics. Oh no! You’re a vegetarian and your boyfriend’s family is grilling steaks for dinner . . . what do you do?

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