The Word is:”with”


preposition: with

1. accompanied by (another person or thing).

“a nice steak with a bottle of red wine”
synonyms: accompanied by, in the company of, escorted by
“she’s gone out with her boyfriend”

2. having or possessing (something).

“a flower-sprigged blouse with a white collar”

  • wearing or carrying.
    “a small man with thick glasses”
  • 3. indicating the instrument used to perform an action.

    “cut the fish with a knife”

  • indicating the material used for a purpose.
    “fill the bowl with water”
  • 4. in opposition to.

    “a row broke out with another man”

    5. indicating the manner or attitude in which a person does something.

    “the people shouted with pleasure”

    6. indicating responsibility.

    “leave it with me”

    7. employed by.

    “she’s with the Inland Revenue now”

    using the services of.
    “I bank with the TSB”

    8. in the same direction as.

    “marine mammals generally swim with the current”

    9.indicating separation or removal from something.

    “to part with one’s dearest possessions”

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