The Word is:”write”




verb: write; 3rd person present: writes; past tense: wrote; gerund or present participle: writing; past participle: written

    1. mark (letters, words, or other symbols) on a surface, typically paper, with a pen, pencil, or similar implement.

    “he wrote his name on the paper”
    synonyms: put in writing, write down, put down, put in black and white, commit to paper, jot down, note, note down, make a note of, set down, take down, mark down, record, register, log, list, make a list of, inscribe, sign, scribble, scrawl, pencil
    “he wrote her name in the school jotter”

  • have the ability to mark coherent letters or words.
    “he couldn’t read or write”
  • fill in or complete (a sheet, cheque, or similar).
    “he had to write a cheque for £800”
  • Canadian South African
    take (an exam or test).
    “I wrote Prof. Weldon’s Middle English exam last week”

  • write in a cursive hand, as opposed to printing individual letters.
  • 2. compose, write, and send (a letter) to someone.

    “I wrote a letter to Alison”
    synonyms: correspond, write a letter, communicate, get in touch, keep in touch, keep in contact; More
    informaldrop someone a line, drop someone a note
    “he had her address and was going to write”

  • North American
    write and send a letter to.
    “Mother wrote me and told me about poor Simon’s death”
  • write to an organization, newspaper, etc. with a question, suggestion, or opinion.
    “write in with your query”
  • 3. compose (a text or work) for written or printed reproduction or publication; put into literary form and set down in writing.

    “she wrote a bestselling novel”
    synonyms: compose, draft, create, invent, think up, draw up, formulate, compile, put together, pen, dash off, produce
    “I’ll go and write a poem”

  • compose (a musical work).
    “he has written a song specifically for her”
  • add or remove a character to or from (a long-running story or series).
  • archaic
    describe in writing.
    “if I could write the beauty of your eyes”
  • 4. Computing

    enter (data) into a specified storage medium or location in store.
    “files can be read and written directly into the file system”

    5. underwrite (an insurance policy).

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