People and Relationships

People and Relationships

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Singular Plural
Man Men
Woman Women
Lady Ladies
Gentleman Gentlemen
Boy Boys
Girl Girls
Person People

Family Relationships :

Male Female Relationship
Father Mother Parent
“Dad” “Mom” Parent
Son Daughter Child
Husband Wife Spouse
Brother Sister Sibling
Grandfather Grandmother Grandparent(s)
“Grandpa” “Grandma” Grandparent(s)
Grandson Granddaughter Grandchild(ren)
Uncle Aunt Parent’s sibling
Nephew Niece Sibling’s child(ren)
Cousin Cousin Aunt/Uncle’s child(ren)

Other Relationships :

Friend Roommate
Classmate Neighbor
Partner Boss
Employee Colleague
Co-worker Boyfriend

For Conversation Practice :

Speaking Situations : Introducing people

Speaking Situations : Talking about Family

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