Setting Up an Argument

  1. State the “controversy” in the form of a yes/no question.Is it a good idea for a person in Taipei to own a car?

    Should guns be made legal?

    Should television and movies be censored?

  2. Divide your paper into two parts: Pro (for) and Con (against)
  3. List your notes under each heading, i.e. what are the ideas that support the argument ( pro ) and what are the ideas that refute it (con)?
  4. Decide which side of the argument you will argue for, i.e. “Take a Stand”.
  5. Organize your notes. You may choose to present your argument “50/50” pro/con or “80/20”, but whatever you do, make sure you are responsible to the other side.(Don’t just give your opinions without recognizing those of others.)
  6. Remember to support your opinions with:facts







  7. Write your drafts(s).
  8. Revise and Edit