Intellectual Essay Suggestions

Intellectual Essay Suggestions

Some Suggestions for Writing an Intellectual Essay

  1. When you see the topic, quickly determine two things:a. What? What is your honest opinion on the subject?

    b. Why? Why do you think/feel the way you do about it?

  2. State your opinion clearly and directly in the first paragraph.Then give details in the body of the essay to support your main idea or opinion.

    Support comes in the form of details, examples, or personal experiences.

  3. For most intellectual essays, use simple present tense.(Modals: can, should, would, etc. are also frequently used in these types of essays.)
  4. Do not deviate (get away from) your main idea which was stated in the first paragraph.Make sure all examples, details, and experiences are related to and support the main idea.
  5. Each paragraph should talk about one part of the main idea of the essay.
  6. Use transition words to connect ideas together between paragraphs.
  7. Conclude by summarizing the main points of your essay or restating the main idea from the introduction.

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